The Difference is Your Attitude

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The Difference is Your Attitude

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Can I Make Money On eBay? We just did.

(“In Cleveland's voice”)

Hey ya'll, how ya doing?

Welcome my eager beavers, take a seat and we'll talk about the biggest darn auction site on this earth, eBay.

On our quest to make some real money, we can not help but visit this gold mine of a website.

Now there are thousands of guides, advice and tips and how to and how not to's, which I will touch on but you gals an guys are not silly, you just need the ideas and the proof to get you going, if you are like me that is.

So this weekend we made over £150/$230/€150 just from some stuff we had laying about in the cupboards. Some stuff that we listed on eBay for a week auction, but listed a certain way:

  • The heading always has to have as much text as you can possibly fit in, all things that relate to the item – i.e. If you are selling a HDMI Switcher or cable then put DVD, BLU RAY, PS3, XBOX360, TV etc.
  • We always list items in an auction to end on a Sunday. You can start it on a Sunday (7 day auction) or Tuesday (5 day auction) to end at around 7.00-8.00PM which is the busiest time on eBay (in most countries).
  • One of our eBay itemsPictures, pictures and more pictures, the bigger you have them the better. If it has marks, then the pictures will show them, the buyer knows what they are getting. (To save money you can host the pictures on a blog or website, and use HTML to embed them into your auction, like this one.)

Like I said, you know how to list things, that's just how we do it. For a more in-depth look you can search for us on eBay as seller Jakinabox23 to see how we listed the items or go to our eBay WordPress blog Jakinabox23.Wordpress.Com

Now what to sell?

(We found that most electrical items go, as long as the price isn't too high, completed listings is your friend) :

  • If you have an old mobile you can still get a good price on eBay. We have an unused BT Hub Phone on at the moment.
  • We had a couple of redundant ADSL modem/routers, one boxed, one only works as a router, both will sell.
  • A HDMI Switcher we no longer need, sold for £5/$8/€5.
  • I have a couple of fairly good PCI-E Graphics cards, I will list these on Tuesday for 5 days to end on Sunday.

So whatever you have laying about, get it on eBay and you too could make some real money within a week. Another real way to make some cash.

As an eBay seller, you are able to transfer your Paypal money straight to your bank, I mean instant – Nice!

I'll be doing another post about what to list on eBay and how to get it.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading.



I Found A Way….. A REAL way to make money: Proof Inside!

Hello and welcome to another exciting post about making real money.

I hope you had a good read of the last article I refered to you all, about how to be your own boss, without it being a Burocratic Nightmare or indeed taking a good portion of your soul in exchange for paperwork!

So, I have made £5 in three minutes on this new site I found….(after extensive searching)

The website is called, and frankly had my senses a flutter with excitement as it is purely designed to make you money. They do not beat about the busy bush, they give you a how much you have in the kitty, with encouraging updates as to how much is being claimed per hour.

So what did I do that has convinced me that THIS is a good way to make money?

I signed up to the site, very easy indeed.

I was then offered some options (these can be skipped) to complete offers which included just providing an email address and that is all.

For this they give you £3 for completing three offers!

I forgot to mention that they give you £2 on signing up also.

So as you can see in the pic, I now have £5 banked already, in just a few minutes: how great does that feel?

Proof of earnings after  just 3 minuets on Vivatic

Proof of earnings after just 3 minuets on Vivatic

As I have just started on this site, I will be updating you with my earnings and how hard/easy it is to earn a bit of extra money online.

I will keep an eye out for more of these gems, if you want to refer a friend you can. It will earn you £2 for every person you sign up and they earn £25 themselves, if you would like you can click my referral link to start me off hehe. If not just type in, in your browser.

Oh I just got an email offering a survey for 0.45p, not too bad.

Thanks for reading. See ya soon.


17 Avenues To Earn Your Bread!

Ok so we kick off with first real post, and I thought I would check out the competition and see if I was the one actually distributing the nonsense.

To my pleasant surprise, I found another web goer who is also wise to the bravado surrounding making money on the net.

By the name of James Clear, he has done a five part special on how to really make money.

James talks about becoming your own employer, by becoming a freelancer. Giving the account of real freelancers and why they made the actual break all of you reading this (including me) want to make.

Freelancing is not the only option of course and James gives his views on a wide array of options that do not need a billion resources to fulfil.

Overcome your fear and earn more

Mr Clear offers words of wisdom and most definitely deserves a read, go check out his behemoth of an article here


The REAL way to make money, getting jiggy with it.

Ok, so. This is a story all about how, my life got flipped turned upside dow…. ONLY KIDDING, this is NOT a Will Smith 90’s revival blog.

This IS a blog about making money, and how indeed you go about it.

Not only that, but rather than some ridiculously overpaid affiliate telling you that ‘you too can own ten sports cars and thirty-nine mansions, and piles of money as if the bank are incapable of holding such large wedges of cash’ – it will be me, Rikki Robertson-Brown, an average joe Londoner who works (the role of five people) takes London Transport and is basically fed up of all the Bull$hit surrounding making money on the internet. This is the REAL way to make money.

Nowhere will I be repeating and repeating the same old waffle about what you will do with the money. “We know what we will do with the money just tell us how to bloody get it!!”

All of my methods and advice will have been first hand tried and tested by me, so you wonderful readers do not have to go through the heart ache and pain of being swindled out of “only $/£29.99” (times that by a thousand and that is how much they make per month on ONE product, for spouting nonsense) if you have to pay anything upfront I will tell you, along with was it actually worth it and most importantly DID IT MAKE ANY MONEY?

Thanks for listening, and I really look forward to you all making some REAL cash, you can even share your success stories if you wish.